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The government of the Gambia initiated a new project with the support of WARCIP and the assistance of a consultant which aims to facilitate the redelegation of the “.GM” domain name and its migration in country.

Led by MOICI, the project started with a detailed assessment of the current administration, local Internet community views on the current “.GM” registry model and operation. This was done through consultation with the current administrator, Mr Jorn Grotnes and key stakeholders of the local Internet Community.

 The assessment report recommended the followings as way forward:

                         i.       Propose a MoU between the current «.GM» administrator and the government of the Gambia about the «.GM» domain name administration.

Each party through this MoU to acknowledge the role of the other party and together set the conditions for collaboration through a transition mechanism to a new registry model and governance.

      ii.        Based on the understanding of the current management of the «.GM» and the outcomes of the discussions with the local Internet community, Consultant, will propose at least 2 different registry options with the associated governance and operations models.

Through large consultation, consultant will help built consensus around an acceptable option.

     iii.        Consultant will then help implement the model adopted and propose registry architecture and tools which suit the best; supervises the installation and the migration of the data

 In the implementation of these recommendations, a MoU between MOICI and the current administrator has been proposed. Discussions for the signing are still on-going.

 The consultant has submitted a proposal for a better administration of the “.GM”, with registry model, operations and governance. Two options are proposed for the governance:

 -          Option 1: Private/Public Partnership, where a National Internet Domain Names commission represents the Public and a Private partner provides the registry services.

-          Option 2: A non-for profit .GM Domain Name Association coordinates the administration, provides the registry services with option to outsource the backend.

 MOICI, hereby requesting the local community comments on these options for the governance of the “.GM”, the transition, on the proposals for the naming space management and the domain names registration process.

 Please do click on the links below to download and read:

GM Report Existing Registry Operation

       GM Report Existing Registry Operation - Annex A

       Tap notify me and you can get a location when the person leaves a location or arrives at one. Google+ location sharing on android and check this out iphone. GM Report Existing Registry Operation - Annex B


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 Please submit your comments to Leaks, the true status of the two men was kept secret by authoritative sources. For many years, and there was no deviation from the cover story for two. Contrary to the public histories that claim the cia. dotgm

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Hon. Demba A. Jawo 

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Call for comments on the registry model for “.GM”

Please click below read, download document and send your comments to .



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