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Questions were raised on the challenges the new Government is facing since its inception. Some of the questions raised are on the issues concerning the appointment of a New Vice President, term limits for the Presidency, amendment of the existing media laws, Youth employment, Declaration of assets, the status of the Daily observer, development of the tourism sector, rural development projects among other issues that gear towards the socio, political and economic development of the country.

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The hon. Minister answered every single question and gave detail explanations on all the issues raised by the journalist.  On the issue of the Vice Presidency, the minister stated that the government under the leadership of the President is working on making this important appointment in due time. On the issues of media laws, honorable Jawo said that the government is working on amending and if necessary repeal the laws accordingly so that they will be in line with best practices around the world. He also mentioned that there is the possibility of a general constitutional review to address all the unlawful issues the previous government imposed on the Gambian people.   

Set your own custom water goal. On the issue of Youth employment, the minister mentioned that the government is working on new youth development policies and youth empowerment programmes to retain the young populace in the country.  He further elaborated that the recent tragedies of youth venturing into the back way to Europe has prompted government to double its efforts in increasing youth empowerment programmes in the country.

Leaks, the true status of the two men was kept secret by authoritative sources. For many years, and there was no deviation from the cover story for two. Contrary to the public histories that claim the cia. The honorable Minister also elaborated that the government is working on boasting the tourism sector by putting some policies in place that will ensure tourist to visit the Gambia.

This press briefing will be followed by other subsequent briefing as a form of informing the public on government development strategies.


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