E-Government Data Centre

The E-Government Data Center will be the core of e-Government Network Infrastructure (for data sharing in early stages of implementation while on the later stages it will include IP (audio & video) communication and online services). At initial stage it hosts the following:

  • Government Web Portal and Ministries website

From Gamtel, Government Web Portal and the 26 Ministries and Departments website will soon be migrated before the end of 2013. With the updated and robust collaboration software, content management system will be fully implemented in the e-Gov data center.

  • Government E-Mail System

The current e-Gov e-mail system uses Microsoft Exchange Server. Majority of the staff of government Ministries/Departments/Agencies were provided with e-mail accounts ( flastname@ministryname.gov.gmflastname@ministryname.gov.gm). MOICI continues to sensitize the use of this e-mail system including the implementation of e-mail policies.

In the near future:

  • Online services

MOICI in partnership with various MDAs and with the support of donor agencies will implement priority and “mission-critical” online services such as: visa-issuing system, document tracking system, medical records system, among others.

  • Collaboration Platform for Government Ministries

The implementation of government intranet and extranet will allow authorized government personnel to access government data and information and work on it. Documents will always be readily available for authorized users.

  • Communication Center

Routers and switches for IP Telephony will be hosted in the center. This will become the hub for the IP PABX system.

The basic hardware and software components of the e-Government Data Center has already been set-up and made operational and will continue to evolve into a fully-pledge National Data Centre in the future.